Creating a global model of care for Ebola and other emerging infectious diseases

In 2014, the world watched as the first of four patients with Ebola virus disease arrived at Emory University Hospital. At a time when little was known about caring for these patients, the university's Serious Communicable Diseases Unit (SCDU) successfully treated those with Ebola, creating protocols that are now the standard for deadly infections.

With Ebola still very much a threat, Emory's team of researchers and infectious disease experts is translating the learnings from 2014 to everyday patient care and working to find game-changing therapies for the disease.

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On the front lines: "Team Ebola" experts

The response to Ebola at Emory was a collective, cross-disciplinary effort across the university. Four members of the original team speak about their experiences in Emory Hospital's Serious Communicable Diseases Unit (SCDU).

A turning point.

Sharon Vanairsdale, SCDU program director, nurse on original Ebola team

How do we identify risk and train around that?

Colleen Kraft, SCDU physician who was part of original Ebola team

An opportunity for the best outcome.

Bruce Ribner, SCDU founder and medical director

I am the backup for the heroes.

Jill Morgan, Critical care nurse who cared for first Ebola patient at Emory


Inside Emory's Isolation Unit

The unit is one of four patient bio-containment units in the country and is specially equipped to deal with the most serious cases.

Read about Emory's Isolation Unit
hospital bed

Glove facts

When removing your glove is the most dangerous part of your day

How to doff and don
Two people suiting up into the protection suit and putting on gloves

Suiting up

The nuts and bolts of the personal protective equipment that nurses and doctors wear when caring for patients with highly infectious and deadly diseases.

Learn more about the suit
man in personal protective equipment suit

Ebola preparedness protocols

Emory created this reference microsite to house resources for training clinicians in the care of patients with Ebola.

Read about ebola protocols
staff practicing protocol on a dummy patient

Ebola under the microscope

Understanding how pathogens evolve is key to helping find a cure.

Understanding the virus
artist rendition of the ebola virus

Take an Online Course on Ebola

Learn about the evolving Ebola epidemic from two Emory experts.

Take the Coursera course
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